A bit of background………..

Okay, so despite being a notorious blog hater I seem to have been tempted into jotting down my tedious thoughts for the benefit (or otherwise) of the general public.

My thoughts on blogs are as follows; I don’t like them because I find them either hideously self-absorbed (do you really think anyone else cares that you prayed with Buddhist monks as much as you do??) or lacking in honesty because the author is so desperate for sponsorship that they are scared to be objective about anything (“wow, look at me in my TOPSHOP (screamingly huge letters natch) dress, don’t I look faaabulous? I’m not going to mention it but it actually measured a little on the small side and had a hole in it after one wearing”).

Despite my ramblings so far, I’m actually a ridiculously positive person. I take a glass half full view on the majority of circumstances and have even been known to refer to funerals as a chance to “get together with people you don’t see very often and listen to nostalgic, uplifting music”….however I wanted some decent material to write about and as my life is relatively mundane (as the mother of two young children I don’t spend my days or nights for the most part at breakthrough gigs and exciting new pop-up restaurants…..I just read about them in Marie Claire with a vague and occasional sense of longing) I realised that moaning is a rarely touched upon blogging phenomena which I can regularly find things to update about.

It’s also in a perverse way, my petty attempt at uniting the nation, I’m very unlikely to get any kind of endorsement by continually slagging off products and services but if I’m lucky I might find a few likeminded individuals…..my family have been telling me for a long time to get my arse off Facebook and find a better outlet for my rants so here it is………

N.B.  my “beliefs” aren’t set in stone…..so don’t proverbially shoot me down if you see me driving an RX800 (in my dreams) after publishing 500 words about how I hate 4×4’s and their drivers in suburban areas.